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  • Web Design & Development

    At Keystroke Solutions, we can build your website rich, responsive, large or small we do it all. We provide turn-key solutions from hosting or web development.

    Our dedicated team of professionals possesses a wide range of expertise and can deliver solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We focus on “user-friendly”, easy navigation and accessible website design. We also offer the development of web-based business applications and tools that help you manage your website content and sell your products and services online.

    Keystroke has delivered solutions across a broad spectrum of activity including media, entertainment, retail, education, Healthcare, construction and shipping.

  • Network Solution

    In recent years, the data centre has been revolutionized by virtualization, cloud infrastructures and the convergence of storage and networks.

    At keystroke solutions we have built a network practice focused on helping our customers deal with the complexities that abound in networking today. We work with you to clearly define your key business challenges and provide solutions that are affordable and work within your operational framework. From installation, cabling and maintenance of your servers to PABX deployment, CCTV camera installation, access control system and time management solutions, to we do it all.

  • SEO

    We believe in results which are delivered.

    Keystrokes is one of the few companies, which offers complete SEO solutions, link building, Search engine submission, PPC, SMO, Contextual link Services, social media integration to increase rankings of Websites. We help companies of all sizes with Search Engine Optimization services and creating search engine marketing strategies.

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